Joyful socks


Are socks the most joyful article of clothing?

A few years ago, in a serious meeting in the boardroom of a big company, long table surrounded by executives, I looked down and noticed that the besuited division head sitting next to me had on rainbow socks. I couldn’t help but smile, and compliment him, and after a moment of sheepishness at having been outed, he just looked delighted that someone else understood that inside the suit was a free spirit whose inner child was alive and well.

Since then, I’ve encountered many otherwise serious people who wear crazy socks, and I wonder what it is about socks that makes them such ideal vehicles for our sublimated whimsy. Is it because they’re normally hidden under shoes and pants, so that usually only we know they’re there?

The fun socks above are from Hansel from Basel, in case you get inspired to bring a little joy into your wardrobe.

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