Galapagos joy, day 3: Blue-footed boobies


From the feet up, these birds are comical. Of course the blue feet have an absurd quality (better visible here), but their faces, too, have a quizzical look that makes it seem like they are endlessly surprised to see you, surprised even just to be existing in the moment where they are. And that ridiculous name!

These boobies are all over the Galapagos, so its easy to get blasé about them. They fill the sky around you, alternately hovering on thermals and torpedoing into the water to spear an unsuspecting catch. From the boats, there is the frequent ping of a splash, followed by a surfacing and a rustle of feathers. Oh, another booby…. Where are the flamingos? But once home, they regain their odd, wonderful specialness.

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