Joyful detangling


I’m glad someone’s trying to bring some joy to the cord problem, because that consistently ranks as one of the least delightful places in my home. It reminds me of Christoph Niemann’s wonderful “My Life With Cables” illustrated essay on his Abstract City blog.


My desk is even worse than this! So I like where Dotz is going with the concept — these cord identifiers remind me of hard candies! — but I think they’re indulging in a little oversimplification for the purpose of a clean photograph. How many of your cords are white with neat small ends like that? Most of mine are some shade of black or gray and have a giant fatso converter covering three outlets, necessitating daisy-chained power strips that make the whole operation look a little sub-code. Dotz’s setup looks joyful and colorful when you simplify the backdrop, but I’d like to see a similarly sweet-looking problem solver for the way cords really look.

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