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Along the lines of the You Are Beautiful and Operation Nice projects I wrote about last month, HopeRevo aims to produce a “hope revolution” through the leaving of positive affirmations in notes around cities. The element of surprise is key here; messages we might tune out in expected places have a way of striking us differently when they come at us out of context.

A similar initiative, which strives to create a more personal, hopeful connection is Hope Is In The Cards, which asks every American to send just one message of hope to someone else.

I love that these initiatives rely on the old tradition of notes and letters. It’s often said that paper and ink seems more special than digital communications. Aside from the extra effort such a missive demands, there’s also the sensory impact: the experience and anticipation of opening an envelope, the texture of the paper, the scent and weight of it all. It’s a beautiful way to spread more joy in the world.

Thanks Matt for the tip!

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