Simple pleasures: watching flowers open

I love love love these wonderful videos of flowers growing and blossoming in time-lapse. I get a visceral wave of joy watching each one.

Above, the ornithogalum reminds me of popcorn popping open. Below, the tiny blossoms of the eremurus sparkle like firecrackers, stamens bursting out of their centers all right on cue. And last but not least, the daisies, which remind me of that beautiful Mia Michaels piece danced by Jeanine and Kayla on the So You Think You Can Dance finale (which I watched in its entirety at 1 in the morning the night I got home!). The way that they rise and bend, growing in bursts, the struggle palpable yet  beautiful — it may sound silly but they make me feel inspired.

There are more on munich timelapse‘s page, and each one is captivating in its own unique way.

Ornithogalum blossom one after the other / timelapse, Three flowers dancing / timelapse and Eremurus flower / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

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