Joyful project: surprise balls


Wonderful project idea from Sandra Juto. A surprise ball containing little treasures hidden by wrapping in crepe paper. You can buy them from Kiosk, or make one yourself. It would be a wonderful gift, especially for a child. It kind of reminds me of how my uncle once tricked me by giving me a little present packed in tons of nested boxes. Except as a kid you always think bigger is better, so there was a little disappointment factor to it. This is much nicer because you get little presents the whole way along.

Photos: Sandra Juto, via Oh Happy Day!



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  1. Oh my gosh, how *fun* is this?!* My hand is trying to grab that doll on the right. And how about that mini fan? Love this magic frogs and the clam shell that opens in water and produces a flower (if memory serves me correctly). So much fun. Can’t wait to make my own. Super gift idea. Thanks, Ingrid!

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