An invitation to play


How fun are these? Landor Sydney’s invitations for AGDA fold up into paper planes!

It’s a great example of how design can create permission to play. The design is still a flat sheet of paper, but the little lines indicating the folds invite you to transform it into something else.


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  1. Thanks for the sharing of play ideas and the prompts. The paper airplanes are delightful. I’ve done a few adult recess sessions. I did one at an Adult Day Care. Some of the men were not engaged in play at all — until I brought out the paper airplanes. Then they were flying high! They were connecting to their spirit.

    The Strong National Museum of Play, , has a chart “The Elements of Play”. Fascinating and so real, regardless of our age.

    You’ve once again reminded me of the joys of play. I think I shall skip today. For when I skip, laughter and light-heartedness is sure to follow.

    March 6 – Creating a Toy Box in the book Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy suggests we do just that — create our own toy box.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I feel the joy in each reading.

    Have you played today?

    The Gratitude Sprinkler,

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