Joyful project: paint strip bookmarks


The other night I was at Green Depot for the Inhabitat NYC launch and I couldn’t resist the gorgeous wall of paint swatches. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m crazy about color and those walls of color chips have an almost hypnotic effect on me. I couldn’t resist taking a strip of bright yellow with me to think about what I’d paint with it. Well lo and behold the next day I’m on the subway and I reach for Alice in Wonderland (which I’m rereading for something like the 25th time) and the yellow strip has slipped itself into the pages just like a bookmark. Happy accident!

Ok, I know this isn’t even really a project, but you could make it one if you felt so inclined, by adding a ribbon or other decoration at the top, or pasting two back-to-back for a double-sided version. Either way, it’s nice joyful little thing you can make with very little effort at all, and for free, to boot.

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