Katrin Möller


In her own words:


What I am trying to express in my work are moments of everything.


Landscapes, Formations, Light, Smell, Taste…


But they are not just a reflection of a current feeling or a sudden urge.


My paintings are about particles, about the whole or arrangements, they are related, disrupted or intractable, they are left and right, above and below –


they are everything —


For me, Möller’s paintings conflate macro and micro beautifully, reminding us how similar everything looks at extremes of scale. It’s akin to the Eames’s classic film Powers of 10, which transports us through scale shifts of extraordinary proportions. I love how the forms in these paintings could be sea creatures or land masses or sub-cellular structures, but whatever they are they feel vibrant and alive. A wonderful example of how a piece does not need to be riotously colored to invoke joy.

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