Happy birthday, Aesthetics of Joy

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Two years ago today I started this blog as a way of launching this little idea I had out into the world and seeing if it could be real. I feel as if I set one of those little toy boats into the circular pool in Central Park, only to find it’s become a real boat on a broad, blue ocean.

In the past two years, some of my greatest joys have come through this forum. From your thoughtful emails and comments to your inspiring tips and links, I find myself bowled over daily by the curiosity and generosity with which you engage with me in this adventure. I’m humbled and grateful that you share your time and insight with me on how you see the potential for more joy to be designed into the world. If only you knew how much you’ve challenged, encouraged, and motivated me over the past two years, as I’ve undertaken this daunting task of trying to understand and codify the aesthetics of joy.

In truth, this blog started as a way to catalog inspiration and think out loud while I worked on my book. It’s become so much more than that. The book is still not done, but when it is it will be immeasurably richer for the dialogue here. But more than that, I’ve seen the purpose of the blog in its own right, and it has given me ideas for other projects – exhibits, designs, essays – that I hope will also come to fruition.

Thank you for a wonderful two years, and here’s hoping for more joy in the years to come!

Xx Ingrid

Image: paper lanterns by and available at uguisu

Hey, Guess What?

The Aesthetics of Joy is now a book! Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness is now available.

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  1. Nick Scott

    Thank you, Ingrid! This blog always makes me smile. It’s refreshing to find a designer thinking about what we REALLY want.

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