Gray Malin, À la plage

Pampelonne Beach St

Gray Malin’s À la plage series is like a cross between Massimo Vitali and Richard Misrach, combining the joy of things viewed from above with the sensorial pleasure of beach aesthetics. Malin says:

People and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss.

What Malin’s done is use perspective to transform a beach into a pattern. Clever, right? In fact, it’s a pattern I was just expressing my love for in my previous post. Polka dots! Essentially, Malin has made patterned canvases from two things we love: polka dots and the beach.

The weekend’s almost here. I hope there’s a beach in your near future, and that you make of yourself the most joyful kind of dot.

Costa de Caprica Portugal 600x399

Secret Beach St

Malibu California 600x399

Coogee Beach Australia 600x399

Nude Beach San Francisco 600x399

Screen shot 2012 07 17 at 12 14 55 PM

Screen shot 2012 07 09 at 7 30 39 PM

Screen shot 2012 07 05 at 11 30 58 AM

Cascais Portugal 600x399

Images: Gray Malin. You can purchase many of these here.
Via: Because I’m addicted (with a hat tip to Em!)


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