Joyful packaging: Bermellón

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I love the rich, bright gradients on these packages from Bermellón, a Mexican confectionary shop. (Not to mention the bright colors of the sweets themselves.) The colors are as functional as they are eye-catching, reflecting the intense spicy and sour flavors with which Bermellón infuses its sweets.

In this way, the packaging essentially replicates the vibrant skins of fruits, which advertise their sweet, flavorful contents. Research suggests our color vision evolved to find those ripe fruits, so it’s no surprise we feel delight when our food comes wrapped in bright colors. More than just a pretty wrapper, these boxes tap into some of the most primal associations we have with nourishment: they feed the eyes, and also the soul.

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Also, how great is the pop of yellow on the inside of the bag? A little flash that proclaims: “good stuff in here!”

Images: Anagrama, via Designboom

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  1. Sherry Crowson

    WOW! Those vibrant colors will certainly wake up your senses! A feast for the eyes! Thanks for always sending a spot of cheer to brighten up the day! You do us all a great service to remind us of so much joy and lovliness in the world!

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