Secret joys: colorful socks

Gap animal socks

Socks are a secret way to be joyful, even (especially!) in serious situations. No one has to know that inside your shoes are rainbow stripes, or polka dots, or a pair of owls on ice-skates. Your feet are your own territory; you’re free to decorate them as you choose.

I’ve always loved colorful, patterned socks. My philosophy is, “Why not?” No one has to know they’re there, and the act of putting them on in the mornings perks me up. Taking them off at the end of the day, I smile again, remembering that they were under there, my true joyful self under all the emotions that came and went.

Joyful socks don’t have to be expensive. They shouldn’t be! They only need to be bright and comfortable. Yesterday, I fell in love with these charming pairs at the Gap. I couldn’t resist them, and they’re on sale. The fox has a stocking cap. The penguin is bundled up. The owl is headed for Rockefeller Center. Are they too cute? Probably, but that never hurt anyone. It’s a gloomy, drizzly day in Brooklyn, but I’m inside mulling cider and contemplating a winter with warm, happy feet. Wishing you the same!

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  1. Lovely post Ingrid! Compact with a generous dose of little delights all over it, just like a pair of colourful socks inside boots :)

  2. Your next step will be to make your own joyful socks. My daughter made me a pair that aren’t symmetrical. I put them on when I know I need to be a little off-kilter, and they inspire me not to simply go mainstream.

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