Object of affection: Bubble lights

Big Bubble by Alex de Witte LR

Who doesn’t love a giant bubble? Floating, transparent, ethereal: these lights from Dutch designer Alex de Witte bring the joy of bubbles inside in a beautiful yet playful way. To live with something that feels so impermanent but captured in a durable material must be a daily delight.

I even like the treatment of the cord, as a freewheeling, curvy line. Of course, it would be even better if the lights could float, cordless, in space. But until that future technology arrives, the curvy cord feels right on.

Big bubble Alex de witte

For more giant bubbles, check out these slow mo beauties.

Images: Alex de Witte
Via: April and May 

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  1. Sherry Crowson

    Oh! How lovely! Who would have thought you could make something so . . . momentary have more substance! I watched the video of the man blowing those enormous bubble . . . Wow! That looked like such fun! I loved how when he was focused on making and playing with one giant bubble, sometimes his apparatus was making more all by itself and they just floated away! When my kids were little, we took bubble stuff just about everywhere we went. It was cheap and fun and beautiful. Perhaps I need to start that again! Thanks for reminding me of a nice memory and giving me new ones! Only . . . now I REALLY want one of those lamps!!

  2. I would love to see images of these at night. All the photos are in a brightly lit room so you can’t see how they look when they are actually used.

    • Hi Roxana, there’s a link at the bottom of the post to the designer’s site (his name is Alex de Witte) – I’m sure if you contact him, he can help you find a way to purchase it.

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