Beautiful birds + Friday finds

Audubon columbian humming final

This has been one of those weeks that goes slow slow slow at the start and then speeds up and boom! It’s Friday. Time is funny that way. It stretches and contracts, usually based on how we feel about it. I wrote in a post a few years ago about chronos (measured time) and kairos (felt time) and the discrepancy between the two. Anyway, it’s like I accidentally stepped into a teleporter and all of a sudden it’s Friday but I’m not quite sure how we got here!

I mentioned in my last post that I’m trying out writing on a schedule now: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can expect to see new stuff here. I’m also trying out some new things, and am thinking a lot about how to use this space, and what you might like to read here. So let me know! If you love something or hate it, want more or less of something, or just have a request for something you’d like to see here, please let me know in the comments!

And now, on to the Friday finds:

Hope you have a joyful weekend!

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